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Your business is booming, and we are here to help keep it that way.
Imecaglobal will make all your import and export needs easier and safer.

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Our team of specialists are available 24/7 to help your team succeed. We know and understand international business, so we will make sure all your international transactions are safe, secure, and on time.

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The importation and exportation business is more complicated and riskier than local domestic business, but we are here to assist you. 

Our Strategy

Feel free to fill out the contact information and we will get right back to you. We will begin with discovering your needs and then tailoring a program especially for you and your business.


Our Services


Imeca Global can provide the best importation services for your business needs.

  • * Connections to International Exporters
  • * Assisting with International purchases and payments
  • * Bank Transactions
  • * Bill of lading
  • * Fastest International shipping with the best rates
  • * Assistance with foreign or US custom forms
  • Imeca Global can provide your air, land, or sea shipping needs.

    Importation made fast, secure, and easy just for you.


    Imecaglobal is the right choice for exportation.
    Not only can we make your exportation business more productive, we can connect you to many international businesses looking to purchase your goods.

  • *Connections to Customers
  • *Assisting with International Bank Payments
  • *International Shipping
  • *Custom Forms
  • *International or Foreign Law
  • *International Business Lawyers
  • Imecaglobal is perfect for any small, medium, or large exportation needs.


    It’s provided an in depth tailored business research for all your international business needs Internacional businesses research For Small, Medium and Large businesses and Industries


    Our team of experts will help you with all three types of International Trades.

    We will guide you all the way to your international business success.


    We can help you and your business or your Country to obtain the most accurate information and advice on all international Products or investment opportunities.

    Goberment And Military

    We can provide assistance for receiving government aid for natural disaster relief.

    We also help connect governments worldwide assisting in other forms of aid.

    We help liaison between different countries governments. We can provide assistance for receiving government aid for natural disaster relief and connect governments worldwide for other forms of aid that may be necessary.


    Imecaglobal will guide you or your company find the best Products, Quality and Best Prices available on the market From companies worldwide For:






    About Us


    Want to grow your business?
    Looking to expand your market?
    Maybe you need a better resource for materials?

    Let Imeca Global be your guide. We have an extensive list of merchants wanting to exchange their products with you. We will help you make the right connections.

    At Imeca Global, we want to see your business grow. Importation and exportation are the defining financial transactions of a successful business.

    Do you want to make your business goals a reality, then choose Imeca Global for your import and export needs.


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